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Understandably upset by this development

Actually, in the books, Robb makes the exact decision Ned would’ve made in his position. You see, Robb gets injured during a battle, and is being cared for by a family called the Westerlings while the war continues without him for a bit. While in Castle Westerling (or whatever the hell it’s called; there are literally thousands of named locations in these goddamn books), he gets word that his younger brothers Bran and Rickon have supposedly been murdered by Theon, who grew up with Robb and is as close to him as a brother. Understandably upset by this development, he has sex with Jeyne, the Westerling daughter who is caring for him, because Ernest Hemingway and shit.»Here in Westeros, we bone when sad. And when happy. And when bored.

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